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Florida Scrub lizard (Sceloporus woodi)

Florida Scrub lizard

The Florida scrub lizard occurs in scrubs and sand pine forests in central Florida and along both coasts in southern Florida. The Florida scrub lizard (total length up to 6") is similar to the wide-spread fence lizard (S. undulatus) but has a prominent brown stripe on each side and spends more time on the ground. This one is perched on a fire-blackened sand pine. Scrub lizards are sexually dimorphic: adult males have bright turquoise patches on the throat and belly which females lack. Scrub lizards are patient predators, ambushing insects and spiders from perches on the ground or low on tree trunks. Several populations of Florida scrub lizards in southwest Florida have gone extinct in the last few years due to development of their scrub habitat, and the species is critically threatened in that area. One of the best places to see them is in Ocala National Forest where they are still common.

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