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A Floridata Plant Profile 154 Clytostoma callistegioides

Common Names: violet trumpet vine, painted trumpet, Argentine trumpet vine Family: Bignoniaceae (bignonia Family)

violet trumpet vine
The violet trumpet vine produces large showy flowers over a long season.


This vine is a member of the Bignoniaceae family with such famous relatives as cross vine (Bignonia capreolata) and trumpet creeper (Campsis radicans). Like its cousins, the violet trumpet vine is a robust and carefree grower with distinctive showy flowers. Also called painted trumpet, it is an woody stemmed evergreen vine that with a habit of clambering over adjacent foliage, fences and structures using tendrils to hang on tight. The bright glossy green leaves are oblong, about 3 in (7.6 cm) long and 1.5 in (3.8 cm) wide. They are arranged opposite in pairs and tendrils arise at the point where the leaves join the stem. In late spring the vine covers itself in color when the spectacular 3 in (7.6 cm) trumpet flowers appear. The trumpets are pale lavender and delicately detailed with dark violet and purple streaks. Flowers are followed by large prickly seed pods.


Violet trumpet vine is native to Argentina and the southern part of Brazil.


Will grow in any well drained soil. Growth is more rampant in moist fertile soil. This vine is slower growing and has a more compact form in light sandy soils. Light: Bright sunlight or filtered shade. Moisture: Average water. Is drought resistant. Hardiness: USDA Zones 8 - 11. Temperatures under 20ºF (-6.7 ºC) will defoliate the plant. Propagation: By cuttings and layers.


Violet trumpet vine is a very enthusiastic grower and will take over small gardens and yards. It is a large plant best used in large spaces and is best used on fences and pergolas where it can stretch out and be beautiful.

violet trumpet vine
Gardeners in frostfree zones will find the fast-growing, evergreen violet trumpet useful for covering arbors and as screens to block unwanted sights.


This vine is drought resistant and virtually pest free. You can plant it and forget it - at least until springtime when it will grab your attention with its annual show of spectacular trumpet flowers.

Violet trumpet vine was formerly called Clytostoma lindleyana which is now a synonym for this plant.

Jack Scheper 10/11/98; updated 12/5/03, 6/17/06

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Clytostoma callistegioides

( violet trumpet vine, painted trumpet, Argentine trumpet vine )

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