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A Floridata Plant Profile 32 Coreopsis grandiflora

Common Names: coreopsis, tickseed Family: Asteraceae (aster/daisy Family)


This popular perennial forms a clump 1½' to 4' in height. The daisy-like flowers, 2"-3" in diameter, are yellow to deep gold and may be single or double. They are carried singly on stiff wiry stems with dark green leaves and blooms from June to September. Growth is vigorous.


Coreopsis grandiflora is native to the southeastern United States where it is found in sunny situations in meadows and at the roadside.


Light: Needs medium to full sun. Moisture: Tolerates dry conditions and ordinary soil. Will also grow in shallow or chalky soils. Hardiness: USDA Zones 5 - 10. Propagation: propagate from seed and division of old clumps in spring. Sow seed in fall in mild regions or spring where plants are to flower.


Since it can tolerate soil of low fertility and withstand intense heat, coreopsis will succeed in urban environments and in roof gardens. Tickseed is also able to tolerate salt and wind in a seaside garden. Does not usually live more than two to three years unless clumps are divided.


An easy to grow garden favorite that provides color throughout the season. A relative of the sunflower, Coreopsis is worth planting for the cheerful sight of their springtime flowers. Coreopsis is the Greek word for bug which refers to the small dry, flat fruits that look remarkably like insects. Provides an abundant source of cut flowers.


Coreopsis will self seed and under certain conditions may become invasive.

Steve Christman 1/2/00

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