October 22, 2017

It's looking to be not a great year for colorful autumn foliage in many parts of the country. But it's still a great time to plant trees and shrubs - use the Master Plant List's Fall Foliage filter to find species for a more colorful next autumn. Thanks for visiting! Please tell your friends about us and be good and grow. Jack

New Profile

Japanese hornbeam Japanese hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is a smallish deciduous tree. Its compact form, handsome profile and interesting fruits make Japanese hornbeam a suitable landscaping choice for small spaces. This low maintenance little tree is ideal for shady areas under big pines or oaks in USDA Zones 4-8. Read the profile »

Here are two other Carpinus species that you can read about at Floridata:

My Autumn Scenes

Allegheny spurge Allegheny spurge Pachysandra procumbens is a low-growing subshrub native of the eastern United States. This handsome species is rare in its native range but is now much appreciated and planted by gardeners both north and south. Click to download a large version of this image.

pumpkin wagon Here's a nice Halloweenish picture of a load of Kentucky pumpkins (Cucurbita spp.) posed in front of a sugar maple (Acer saccharum) ablaze in fall color. Click to download large (800x600px) format version of The Pumpkin Wagon.

Boston ivy The MainStrasse Clock Tower is located in Covington, Kentucky where at this time of year it is attractively draped in Boston ivy Parthenocissus tricuspidata that is in the process of assuming its brilliant autumn color. Click to download large format version (800x600px)

Butterfly Favorites

'Paprika' Yarrow Common yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a North American native wildflower species that thrives in the heat and humidity of mid-summer. 'Paprika' is a particularly showy cultivar that is also attractive to butterflies. Download a large version to display on your desktop.

Ornamental Grasses

Miscanthus 'Silberspinne' Eulalia or maiden grass (Miscanthus sinensis) has been a popular garden plant for centuries. There are hundreds of named selections that vary in height, color, variegation and other characteristics. Many of the selections, like ''Silberspinne', look great even when stems and leaves are dried and dead! Click to download a large version (800x600) of this image.

Fall Foliage Plant List icon Visit Floridata's Master Plant List with filter set to Fall Foliage Plants to see more species whose leaves turn in autumn.

Fall Fruits

pomegranates These pomegranates languished on limb for long past their prime, they fermented, swelled and popped their rinds. The birds and squirrels enjoyed antioxidant rich treats and a hell of a time. Click here to download a large (800x600) version of this pretty pomegranate picture.

lotus seed pod A big patch of lotus (Nelumbo lutea) grows in a pond along one of my favorite dog walks. When water levels are low at this time of year, it's easy to take nice pictures of the stylish lotus seedpods. Click to download a large version of this pretty pod picture.

Chinaberry fruits The Chinaberries (Melia azedarach) are ripening now. Even though they're toxic, some birds eat them anyway, eventually to poop out the undigested seeds. These germinate into mini-forests of invasive Chinaberry trees - especially beneath utility lines and other places where birds roost. In The Deep South, a Chinaberry tree planted in the yard was traditionally thought to bring good luck. They don't, so if you have one in your yard, the best luck might be from chopping it down. Click to download a large version (800x600) of this Chinaberry cluster.


shiitake Steve grows shiitake mushrooms on lengths of water oak log. He sent this picture of his mushroom garden (download large version), just refreshed by a passing rain show. They are nutritious and delicious and you can easily Grow Your Own Shiitake Mushrooms.

Flowering Plants of Hawaii

Plants of HawaiiThe Hawaiian Islands are home to an array of native plant species that has attracted the attention of botanists, naturalists, horticulturists and world travelers ever since Europeans first visited the islands near the end of the 18th century. Read more »

You'll find more links on our Articles and Resources page.

Autumn Leaves

ginkgo Maintenance people like ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) trees because the golden leaves tend to drop from the tree all at the same time! The ginkgoes in my neighborhood are in peak color just now - by next week they'll be bare trees standing in yellow pools of fallen foliage. Among the leaves of female trees may be fruits that smell vomity.

little leaf linden The littleleaf linden (Tilia cordata) is a durable shade tree noted for fragrant spring flowers, showy autumn foliage and adaptability to urban conditions. Commonly called lime tree in Europe, it leaves are used in traditional herbal medicine to treat a variety of complaints. Linden flower extracts are among the "botanicals" used in creams, shampoos and cosmetics. Read profile »     Here is a list of links to profiles of a few more native American trees with colorful autumn foliage:

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Fall Bulbs 4 Spring Flowers

daffodils Spring flowering bulbs like tulips and hyacinths are planted in the fall. Those living in the Deep South and similar warm climates have best success with the daffodils (aka jonquils, narcissus, etc.). Read Ray's article about The Daffodils and then check out Floridata's Narcissus spp. Profile.

More fall-planted bulbs for your spring garden:

Ornamental Fall Fruits

partridge berry The partridge berry ( Mitchella repens) is a little ground hugging woodland plant that grows in my backyard under a huge live oak that has become one of my favorite plants. After learning more about it when doing this Profile, I like it even better. Click here to read about partridge berry and look for it under a tree near you anywhere in the eastern part of the United States in Zones 4-9.

possumhaw The possumhaw (Viburnum nudum) cultivar 'Winterthur' produces large crops of berries that are important sources of nutrition for many bird species and other wildlife (like possums). I think these ripening beauty berries are particularly pretty in pink. Read more »

Carolina cherry laurel berries
The Carolina cherry laurel (Prunus caroliniana) is another good choice for attracting birds and wildlife to your yard. This mostly evergreen tree (or large shrub) is great for screens, hedges and wildlife plantings in mild climates and is hardy in Zones 7-9.

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